The Forest is a magical place, it has some gems hidden in space with leaves, leaves everywhere, and they give us beauty, life and air. While sleeping at night the forest wakes, and come alive with magical animals hidden in the trees. 

Forest, Midnight Blue Wallpaper - 10m Roll

  • A timeless statement design telling the story of the magic of the forest, suitable to use in any room from living rooms, nurseries, to kid’s rooms, even bathrooms.                                  


    Available in 6 gorgeous colours; Dust Dove Grey (Soft Grey), Dark Sky Grey (Dark Grey), Midnight (Dark Blue), Dark Moss (Green), Midas (Subtle Metallic Gold) screen printed, Copper Rust (Subtle Metallic Copper) screen printed.  Please note Midnight & Dark Moss are non stock made to order colourways.


    Samples are available for this product. The sample size will be approximately 60x500cm.


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