Creating Bedroom Memories

My first wallpaper, I remember it well, like a first boyfriend.

I choose shiny red cherry wallpaper all in neat rows, which I framed with bright yellow gloss woodwork, making the cherries pop, very 80s.

Mum bribed me to move into the smallest bedroom in the house the box room, but I was happy to have my own space, having had to share a room for years, being the youngest of five.

I felt like a grown up choosing my own wallpaper, I originally wanted to shock and asked for black walls, but I soon came around when I saw the cherry wallpaper winking at me in B&Q.

Late at night when I couldn’t sleep and the car lights would light up my room I felt comforted by counting the rows of cherries, I never did manage to count behind the wardrobe.

Dreaming of flying on magestic swans

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