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Star Dust

Stardust horse in the night, faraway places in our sight. Dreams of treasure in the sky, curled up in bed as we lie.

As a child, I loved the idea off horse riding and can still hear the theme tune of Black Beauty which instantly takes me back, so I wanted to try and create a child’s love of horses into a design. That design became Popcorn which evolved from muddy pony treks with a white horse Lolly fell in love with called Popcorn.

The illustrated wallpaper story is of my children and their cousins dreaming of riding star dust horses, jumping over cotton clouds.

For colour ways, I choose Popcorn Pink, Popcorn Blue and Dust Dove Grey to create a soft haze of retro colour.

Available Colour ways:

Popcorn Pink, Popcorn Blue, Dust Dove Grey

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